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Whatsapp GB Download For Android

Whatsapp GB Download For Android:The most-used messaging app WhatsApp has introduced a new feature for Android users to authenticate. In February this year, WhatsApp added support for Apple’s fee ID for iOS users. Now this feature has also been released for Android users. Now WhatsApp Beta Android users will be able to unlock the app with fingerprint scanner.

If you are using WhatsApp beta version 2.19.83 then this feature can be enabled by setting. To enable this feature, open the Android Surfin ‘Whats app and open the menu with the top right corner. Now tap on Setting and go to Account option. Here you will see the Privacy option. Tap on it. Scroll down and go to the Fingerprint Lock option. This by default will be disabled. Toggle it on. The WhatsApp will then ask you to touch the fingerprint sensor. The WhatsApp will then ask you when the WhatsApp is locked. You can set the time from 1 minute to 30 minutes.WhatsappInstalling

Facebook’s proprietary company WhatsApp says the checkpoint topline is not intended to provide answers to consumers during the election. According to the Proton website, if the company records already contain fake information, consumers will be given a mandatory response. However, if a rumor is new and not according to this research, users will be given an out-of-scope message within 24 hours. Many Indian users say that they sent messages to the top line several days ago, they have not received any response message yet.

According to the report, Facebook partner “Pronto” in the project says that the tipline is for research purposes only. The purpose is to analyze the misleading news about the Indian election. According to the project’s website, the first purpose of the checkpoint top line is to acquire data for research. This is not a helpline that responds individually to every customer. According to the website, the misleading information they anticipate will be analyzed and a user will respond if necessary.

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